Favourite Album – The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’

I was born in 1961. I grew up with all the albums we perform. I care deeply about all the musicians who work with me. I run my company with compassion. I put my musicians first. I love classic rock. I built CAL from the ground up. Closing in on 20 years – we’re just getting started.


Favourite Album – Kiss ‘Alive!’

Nick brings a veteran’s vision to CAL. He’s always been a full time musician and he’s always been acutely aware of what it takes to keep a band working together. As General Manager of CAL, Nick will help steer us towards where we need to grow. He’ll do all of this while continuing to front a great many shows. It takes a musician to run CAL. Nick Walsh is the right man for the job.


Favourite Album – Pink Floyd ‘ The Wall’

Bobby is our rock. He brings the nuance. He’s a kind man. But he doesn’t tolerate foolishness. If you’re on a show with Rob, show up with your shit together. He’s very funny and is able to replicate sounds and entire comedy bits on cue. He’s calm. He loves his family. He is the face of CAL. He sold the most T shirts of any other alumni.


Favourite Album – Led Zeppelin ‘Led Zeppelin 1’

Cindy keeps the company in good working order. Moving musicians in and out of venues is a lot of work and Cindy does it all with grace and cool. She also bakes goodies for the backstage dressing rooms and thrift shops for funky scarfs, jackets and wraps. There is nothing that Cindy can’t do!


Favourite Album – Sting ‘Brand New Day’

Shannon has been with CAL since 2003. She started singing with us, here in Toronto, and then favorable circumstances led her to get married, move to Orlando, start a family and continue to work for CAL. She’s proven herself to be a valuable go to person and she did this by being of service to all of the musicians. She’s got a keen eye and ear and we lucky to work alongside such a talented person.


Favourite Album – Led Zeppelin ‘Led Zeppelin 1’

Louise and I share a special bond. She was married to my dear late friend Anthony. I was looking for someone that could take over our publicity – someone fresh who isn’t afraid to buck the system. So our paths crossed and it’s been wonderful. Louise is cool and effective. She connects with all of the venues we play at and makes sure that they get everything they need from us. No small feat considering we’re pushing close to 200 shows a year. Louise loves her family.


Favourite Album – Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumours’

Ryan mixes the shows when I’m not around. He does a great job. The secret ingredient in his sound is that he cares. He listens to the albums – attends rehearsals and makes notes on what he wants to hear representing CAL in the mix. I’ve taught him how to yell “Turn down, Bobby!” or “Where’s Mark?” or “Des wake up!” He’s a good man who’s just beginning his journey with us. And as we wind on down the road.


Favourite Album – Bad Company’s Bad Company

Eric came to CAL through his son, Shain. He’s one of those people who can put you at ease with a smile. Eric is a native of Cocoa Beach, Florida, so having him run all things Florida for CAL was a natural fit. He mixes the show as well!


Favourite Album – Steve Wonder ‘Songs in the Key of Life’

It was Steve Butler’s vision that brought CAL to where it is today. He drummed on all the shows during the first year. And from that chair he saw bigger things. He was just finding his way as an agent – our timing couldn’t have been better. He started out with the biggest agency in Canada but he couldn’t find his groove there. So he jumped ship and took up with the family run Paquin Agency. I was the only one of his artists to jump ship with him. He’s been my friend for 25 years. He makes me laugh.


Favourite Album – Yo La Tengo ‘Fakebook’

When Brian got on board, America opened up to us like a big loading door and said “Bring everything you got.” He’s a proper Californian agent. And I like that he takes as much time off to spend with his family as possible. Sometimes Steve and I will wonder where he is? I get a bit panicky. Steve talks me off the ledge and right then Brian calls with a ton of dates for us. He gets it. And he’s lived it as well. One day I’ll be in a band with him.