i started my first band in grade 2
it was 1968
we made guitars out of rulers
and fake mustaches
and jumped around to 'ticket to ride'
all the girls chased us at recess
and all the boys wanted to be in the band

by 1980 i quit college
to tour northern Canada
6 nights a week
drive all day sunday
$70 a week pay
we were so happy
that's where you learned how to play
in hotels and bars in the middle of nowhere
i wish i was as good a musician as i was back then

next was the tribute band scene
we toured non stop
made decent money
had a blast
after that ended i made a good living composing music for television
i set out to score the next' apocalypse now'
but ended up doing 'life's weddings'
it was all good
but i knew there was more

when i got around to starting Classic Albums Live
i knew i had all of the tools needed to make sure it was successful
that was the musicians
i knew all the musicians that could really play
true heros all of them
some of them acclaimed and decorated
some of them flashing brilliance in tiny bars to half empty crowds
the idea was simple enough
and it ignited old fires in all of the players

this april - 2006 - we begin our 4th year
like i've said before
this is just the beginning

peace and prosperity