Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra

peter gabriel
the music is his master
he’s always been interesting
and deft

the show was like a show from the future
beautiful visuals and gorgeous music
no drums
no guitar
i went thinking i would be bored
but i was riveted

the new blood orchestra
was fantastic
it was exciting hearing them throw passion out from the stage
i think i accidentally had a crush on the conductor
he was in command
the arrangements were smart and engrossing

the visuals were the best i’ve seen at a concert
it made some of those big ‘spectacular’ shows look silly by comparison
this was a forward thinking use of the screen and sound
a triumph across the board

and peter
it was nice to see him be sixty odd years old
not defying gravity
being who he is
a master musician
his voice full of emotion and clarity
he took his songs
and reworked them
not content to let them simmer
he threw them into the fire
alongside some exotic steaks of cover songs
prime cuts across the grill

a lot of work went into the show
a lot
it’s no small feat to move an orchestra across a country
they hybrid with some local players
i was happy to see CAL alumni anna atikinson on stage

i realized that i only knew about a third of the songs
but it didn’t matter
the vibration of the evening was sweet and sultry
something mattered
i was happy to be there and share it with a crowd full of music lovers

june 24, 2011
backstage in lakeland
beer and cake


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