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Happy 1972!

listen man
last year was a downer
it totally bummed me out
like – the shows were cool
there was some heavy moments
last waltz
dark side of the moon man
i mean this stuff blew my mind man… Continue reading

The Woodstock Show

i love the woodstock show
it was put together with love for the decade

i took a lot of liberties with the show
the csny set was based on the original recordings of the songs
their set in white lake… Continue reading

Rob Phillips

there’s an energy to rob
he’s one of the greats
he plays it like he lives it
and he looks like the albums we grew up with

he saved our life once
in florida in the van
swerved calmly away… Continue reading

2006 and Business is Booming

it’s 2006
and it’s a machine now
i’ve got my sister on daily operations
i’ve got one of my best friends – johnny b – road managing and blowing bass
i’ve got another one of my best friends booking me… Continue reading

Will Hare CAL Keyboardist Interview

i love will
he loves music and works very well with others
i’m always reviewing his sounds and he’s always graceful about making changes
he sets a standard for keeping cool
i want him to grow his hair and grow… Continue reading

A Day In The Life

it starts like this
we get up in the morning and get into a van or a plane
we arrive at the venue and immediately walk onto the stage
greet the local crew
and go over our set up
there… Continue reading

The Book is Dead, Long Live the Blog

well i scrapped writing a book
it was just too expensive
and i doubt that anyone would have bought it
once i started writing with proper grammar and punctuation
all the vibe evaporated

i had such high hopes for… Continue reading

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