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Happy Birthday Bruce

happy birthday boss

favourite quote:
“I don’t know how I’m supposed to be the Boss if I get stuck carrying the amps…”.

favourite song:
spirit in the night (hammersmith 75)

favourite tour:

best moment:
the rosie video where the… Continue reading

5 Albums You Didn’t Know You Needed

let me save you some time
if you’re like me
you turn on classic rock in the car
maybe the kids talk you into tuning in the hits station every now and them
and you catch yourself humming along to… Continue reading


ac/dc got it right
not once
but twice

the bon scott years were like our naughty cousins coming over to visit
there was a strong chance that something was going to get broken
the band sounded like they could fight… Continue reading

Guest Blogger: Dr. Wu

                                                              My Musical Epiphany

I had gone 48 years listening to and seeing many musical groups,… Continue reading

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