Monthly Archives: July 2011

Rock n’ Roll Parenting

i’ve told this story before
but it’s worth retelling
when my oldest son was nine
he wanted to buy the green day american idiot album
first song there’s swearing
‘dad – why are they swearing’
they’re a punk band
‘what’s… Continue reading

Entrepreneur of the Year Wrap Up

i’m out
i did not make it to the entrepreneur of the year finals
i called it all along

i did not connect with the judges
one of them was scared of me
another told me that he didn’t… Continue reading

Warren Hudson

good lord
it’s all going on today
the band is phoning and sending a flurry of funny emails to each other
jimmy cassells is supposed to be working
he works at long and mcquade’s office
but i don’t think he’s… Continue reading

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