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Summer Concerts and $12 Beers

i can’t figure out what’s going on
i found an old music magazine from 5 years ago
and none of the bands listed in it are still around today
i picked up this weeks local rag
and i hardly know… Continue reading


2 of my closest friends turn 50 this weekend
on the same night
and johnnie b

we’re doing a bash at a smelly bar
complete with a big jam and old faces
my rolling stones cover band – the… Continue reading

Massey Hall and the Hammer of CAL

the day was a flurry of events
load in at 11
break at 1
soundcheck at 2
dinner at 5
then putter around backstage and discuss things about the album
cues and such
things we already knew but liked talking… Continue reading

A Conversation with Dom Polito

Dom:  How many guitars can I bring to Massey Hall?

Craig: How many guitars do you have?

Dom: I have 40 guitars.

Craig: Okay.

Dom: What, bring all 40 guitars?

Craig: Okay.

Dom: They won’t fit in my car.

Craig:… Continue reading

Album Selection of the Fittest

i get these crazy requests for albums all the time
it’s like people have connected with the series
and see us a vehicle for personal bliss
i love it
but certain albums don’t make sense for us to delve into… Continue reading

Classic Rock and Kids

time is tight these days
there’s a lot going on
the series is taking off in ways i always dreamed about
like most people my age
i find that i like being counted on
and i like getting pulled in… Continue reading

I Hate Johnnie B

i hate johnnie b
somebody’s gotta tell him it’s not 1984 anymore
and somebody’s gotta tell him that van halen haven’t been any good since that year
and somebody’s gotta tell him that no matter how hard he tries –… Continue reading

I Love Johnnie B

bass players get the least amount of attention
guitar players flash
drums incite
keyboards connect
and singers rivet

but bass players fly close to the stage
leaving the heights of the theatres for the peacocks up front

i’ve been playing… Continue reading

The Woodstock Show

how do you do a woodstock show?
there are many different things to consider
there are 2 movie versions
3 album versions
3 cd versions
acts that were in the movie that weren’t on the album
acts that were on… Continue reading

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