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Entrepreneur of the Year Update

the entrepreneur of the year application is done
i honed it to balance nicely between artsy fartsy and business
i wrote in the style i’m known for
no capital letters
no punctuation
my buddy des calls it pompous!
i… Continue reading

Exceptions for Rick Vatour

here’s an email i sent to the zep crew:

this massey hall show is getting bigger
and we need to step up our look
being from scarborough i realize that for some of us
this is a tough thing… Continue reading

Border Song

the borders are toughening up
we have all of our paperwork in order
but we sense a changing of the guard
and we want to make sure that we’re well within the rules

it’s cool to say that you don’t… Continue reading

Entrepreneur Of The Year Nomination

i’ve been nominated for entrepreneur of the year
a great honour
and now i swim with sharks

business is important
and i’ve tried to stay creative and flexy with my business
the shows allow for zero creativity
consequently i… Continue reading

An Email from Johnnie B

Were all good to go !!
arrived in LA…went to dinner !!
can’t believe I’m here….
feel very cool right now….
looking forward to tomorrow !!
have to go to rodeo drive…
might bump into Kim Kardashian !! ( I’m… Continue reading

Centre For The Arts

The Centre For the Arts

when we first started performing in theatres
i was a fish out of water
no booze
no smoking
no talking
no being late
it was a left turn for us
on both how to behave… Continue reading

I Hate Hipsters

there’s a record store in my hood
called soundscapes
they play terrible music in the store
but it’s local and i support all the local businesses

a couple of months ago i bought a the bob dylan box set there… Continue reading

Hotel California

just back from a heavy night in jersey
we did the hotel california album
tough album
we first took it on 7 years ago
we thought it was going to be campfire songs
but no
the album immediately began kicking… Continue reading

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